Jimbaran Beach is one of the renowned beaches in Bali, situated in the village of Kuta, part of the South Kuta sub-district, Badung regency, Bali Province. If you’re visiting Bali, be sure to take some time to explore Jimbaran Beach. Despite the various tourist spots in the Jimbaran area, Jimbaran Beach stands out as one of the most popular. Its official name is Muaya Beach, but due to its location in Jimbaran, it is more commonly referred to as Jimbaran Beach or, more precisely, Muara Jimbaran Beach.

According to Water Sport Bali, although Jimbaran Beach has been famous for a long time and is a favorite destination, the name Jimbaran Beach itself is more widely recognized. This is partly due to a tragic and heartbreaking event that occurred here, namely the Bali Bombing II on October 1, 2005. The Bali Bombing II tragedy took place in one of the cafes along the Jimbaran Beach shore. Cafés directly affected by the bomb blast were Café Menega and Café Nyoman.

This event remains a bitter and dark memory in the area, and we hope such a tragedy will never happen again. May Jimbaran, Bali, and the entire archipelago always remain in a state of peace. Now, to get a feel for the ambiance of Jimbaran Beach, you can check out the travel video from the JooUpdate YouTube channel below:

The best time to visit Jimbaran Beach is undoubtedly in the afternoon. The video journey from the channel was also taken in the late afternoon, giving you a perfect glimpse of the experience of being at Jimbaran Beach as you await the beautiful sunset on the shoreline. Jimbaran Beach is well-known for its breathtaking sunsets, offering a view that is particularly romantic and enchanting for tourists, especially couples, who see the sunset as a beautiful and romantic moment.

Apart from the beach’s beauty and its sunset, Jimbaran Beach is renowned for its seafood. You’ll find many restaurants lining the beach area, offering delicious dishes. For seafood lovers, this is a truly fascinating experience—enjoying the beach’s beauty during sunset while relishing delightful seafood dishes. The seafood available at Jimbaran Beach is undoubtedly fresh, considering that a significant portion of the local community is engaged in fishing. When the seafood catch is successful, the restaurant owners around the beach are ready to turn it into delicious dishes. This is different from buying seafood in larger city restaurants, where the delivery alone often takes a considerable amount of time, compromising the freshness of the seafood.

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The aroma of grilled fish around the beach area is indeed one of the attractions for sunbathing tourists. They fill their stomachs with various seafood options when mealtime arrives. As shown in the video above, to reach Jimbaran Beach, you’ll traverse several roads like Jalan Uluwatu. If you’ve just arrived from Ngurah Rai International Airport, you may only need about 15-20 minutes to reach Jimbaran Beach. You can use Google Maps to navigate to the location of Jimbaran Beach. After passing Jalan Uluwatu, you’ll also pass through Bukit Permai Street.

This street provides access to Jimbaran Beach. Along Bukit Permai Street, many hotels and cafes have been established. So, for those planning to enjoy Jimbaran Beach for an extended period and stay close, several hotels on Bukit Permai Street can be an alternative accommodation option. Some well-known hotels, like Meridien Hotel, are located here. Additionally, numerous villas have been built around Bukit Permai Street, with some even providing private pools to enhance your stay.

Bukit Permai Street’s access is indeed strategic, as staying around this street means you can walk to Jimbaran Beach. It’s very convenient, isn’t it? Actually, there are many access roads to Jimbaran Beach, not just Bukit Permai Street. This is because the coastline of Jimbaran Beach stretches quite wide, about 2 kilometers from south to north.

However, the access road from Bukit Permai Street is one of the most preferred by tourists. Other access roads include Yoga Pekanthi Street, Pantai Sari Street, or passing through Batas Kauh Street. Given the significant interest from tourists visiting Jimbaran Beach, parking lots near cafes around the beach are almost always full. However, there’s no need to worry, as locals also provide additional parking spaces. So, you can park your vehicle in these additional parking spaces. These additional parking lots are especially helpful, especially when there is a large influx of visitors, such as groups of large buses that undoubtedly require extensive parking areas. As mentioned earlier, Jimbaran Beach’s parking area, or Muara Jimbaran Beach to be precise, is already available around the Muaya Jimbaran Beach café area, at the entrance gate to Jimbaran Beach.

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However, this parking location is often crowded with visitors. From the video above, we’ll be taken into the area of Café 19 Muaya Jimbaran Beach. If you’re taking public transportation like a taxi, you’ll be dropped off at the entrance gate. So, you just need to walk towards the beach. If you’re driving a private vehicle and there is still parking space available, you can enter. As seen in the video, there are many cafes in this area. They all serve delicious seafood dishes that you wouldn’t want to miss. As shown in the video, the conditions around the café area (parking location) and the outdoor café area are quite lively with visitors.

For visitors who only want to enjoy the beach view from the outside without plans to visit a café, they usually park in the outside parking area. As seen, many motorcycles are lined up for parking along the road. Along the roadside, you’ll find many mobile vendors selling items like meatball soup, fruit salad, and more. Mobile meatball soup vendors are a favorite among beachgoers, especially local residents who usually flock to these snacks after swimming at the beach.

The entrance gate to Jimbaran Beach itself is quite small, allowing you to virtually enjoy the beach area from the entrance gate to the atmosphere inside Jimbaran Beach. As seen, the late afternoon conditions at Jimbaran Beach are bright, with a fairly strong wind, white sand covering the beach, and calm rolling waves creating a serene beach atmosphere. As seen in the video, many chairs are provided for visitors to enjoy the beach’s ambiance, especially as sunset approaches.

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The video itself was taken at 5:30 PM local time. Many small children are seen enjoying a swim in the calm waves of the beach. The location for vendors is supposed to be outside the beach in the parking lot area for cars or motorcycles, as seen at the beginning of the video. However, as witnessed in the video, sometimes one or two vendors enter the beach area, like the corn vendor seen in the beach area. Boiled corn and peanuts are snacks that accompany beachgoers who are either sitting or sunbathing, enjoying these treats.

Well, as you can see in the video, this is the appearance of the cafes we saw earlier in the video (car parking location), as seen from the inside of Jimbaran Beach. Chairs, bean bags, and tables are provided by the cafes for beach visitors. However, because on that day, the wind conditions were quite strong, the tables & chairs area, which is usually quite far from the beach’s edge, now appears very close to the beach’s waterline.

Normally, the fast-flowing water during high tide does not reach the tables and chairs near the shoreline. Jimbaran Beach is also a favorite location for offices or organizations when they have gatherings. The beach’s ambiance and delicious dishes undoubtedly make meetings more vibrant. Jimbaran Beach is also a preferred spot for foreign tourists who want to sunbathe by the beach. Usually, they sunbathe from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM. These are ideal times for sunbathing in the afternoon.

This phenomenon is interesting because usually, domestic tourists or local residents tend to come only in the afternoon, but foreign tourists are already at the beach during the day. This is especially true because foreign tourists want to sunbathe and tan their skin. For them, having tanned skin looks more exotic. That’s the current atmosphere at Jimbaran Beach.

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