Tasting affordable halal food in Bali is not too challenging. If you’re unsure, you can try visiting Delicious Eating Stall in Kuta. This stall has long been known as a dining spot for backpackers. Presenting a street food concept similar to a traditional Indonesian warung, rest assured, the food prices here won’t burden your wallet.

Entering the stall area, you will notice a simple atmosphere at Delicious Eating Stall in Kuta. The stall’s building is not particularly remarkable, not much different from other roadside stalls. The available parking is also limited, only sufficient for a few motorcycles.

However, the popularity of this roadside stall is remarkably high. You’ll even find the stall constantly crowded with visitors. Those who come here are not only travelers seeking affordable and halal food but also many locals who enjoy their meals here.

The facilities provided are also far from luxurious. You will only be faced with tables and chairs as a place to enjoy your food. There is no free WiFi access available. Furthermore, the menu can be found on glass display cases.

This stall is almost always bustling with visitors. One thing that keeps visitors from getting bored of Delicious Eating Stall in Kuta is the variety of menu options. Despite being a simple stall with no luxury, the menu options available here are extensive.

The menu you can order here is, of course, traditional food, especially Javanese specialties. So, for travelers from the Java region, the menu here not only guarantees its halal status but also provides options that suit individual tastes.

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Menu options include fried rice, soup, beef stew, satay, spicy dishes, water spinach, green beans, vegetable soup, and more. You can choose everything through the ordering process, much like when visiting a typical Indonesian warung. Regarding prices, the menu here is priced between IDR 7,000 to IDR 30,000.

There is a unique aspect you will encounter here, related to the labeling of ordered food. When you select your side dishes, the attendant overseeing the stall will provide you with a card that contains the written price of the food you ordered.

Location of Delicious Eating Stall in Kuta This stall has a location that is easily accessible. You can visit it at Jl. Bakung Sari, Gang Biduri Number 6A, Badung, Kuta. It’s worth noting that this stall has very long opening hours, from 6 am to 8 pm.

Oh, by the way, there’s an interesting thing you should know about this stall. Despite its simplicity, it unexpectedly received the Traveller’s Choice award from TripAdvisor!

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