It is sure that Bandung is well known of its shopping destination. There are many visitors from all around Indonesia even from other countries who visit Bandung just because they want to shop around. Nevertheless, it does not mean that shopping is the only thing which can be done in this place because people are also able to find the tourism destination which can offer beautiful view and different experience. People can imagine the great experience of hot bath in the middle of cool air temperature in Bandung.

For this purpose, people should go to Ciwalini Hot Springs which is located in southern Bandung. One thing for sure, people can find the exotic nature view and cool air temperature. That is why enjoying hot spring will bring great experience. The hot spring is well known because its skin healing function but anyone can visit the hot spring without having to suffer from certain skin problem. This is a great place for family holiday trip because the hot spring is also supported with the play ground for children.

The hot water in this place comes from some hot springs around the area and it is collected in some pools. The hot spring area is surrounded by tea plantation with hills view.

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