Apart from its beaches, Bali offers several captivating natural attractions to explore. One of them is Bali Safari and Marine Park, also known as Taman Safari Bali. Bali Safari Park is home to more than 1,000 animals, comprising 120 species, including rare and endangered species such as komodo dragons, orangutans, Bali starlings, and more.

In addition to being a recreational destination, Bali Safari Park serves as a conservation area for rare and endangered animals. Before visiting Bali Safari Park, let’s first explore information about the rides, ticket prices, and how to purchase them.

Tourist Attractions at Bali Safari Park:

  1. Jungle Hopper Legend: This ride takes visitors on an adventure through the wilderness to see various animals, including endangered species. Specially designed vehicles allow visitors to enjoy the thrill of adventure and interact more closely with wildlife in their natural habitat. Visitors can also enjoy wildlife performances combined with Balinese culture on the Jungle Hopper Legend ride.
  2. Elephant Safari: As the name suggests, this ride offers a closer interaction with elephants. Tourists can directly interact with elephants and even ride them at Bali Safari Park.
  3. Night Safari: Bali Safari Park also provides a nighttime safari experience, known as Night Safari. Visitors can witness various animal attractions such as tigers, zebras, elephants, giraffes, and more at night. Unique performances by dancers, including fire dances, are also part of the Night Safari experience, available on specific days.
  4. Jeep Safari: Tourists can observe wild animals up close using 4×4-sized jeeps. These vehicles are equipped with special gear, ensuring the safety of visitors. Through this ride, tourists can experience direct interaction with wildlife in their natural habitat.
  5. Water Play and Fun Zone: Bali Safari Park also offers a water play and fun zone with various exciting water games.
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In addition to the mentioned rides, Bali Safari Park features other attractions such as The Bali Agung Show, Breakfast with the Lions, staying at Mara River Safari Lodge, as well as elephant and tiger education and attractions.

Bali Safari Ticket Prices: Ticket prices for Bali Safari Park vary depending on whether visitors are domestic or international. The prices also differ based on the chosen ride. Domestic visitors are required to bring identification such as ID cards, driver’s licenses, student cards, or KITAS (residency permits) to show to the staff. Children under the age of three are free of charge.

Ticket prices for domestic visitors are as follows:

  1. Safari Explorer: Starting from Rp 175,000 per person
  2. Safari Legend: Starting from Rp 275,000 per person
  3. Night Safari: Starting from Rp 500,000 per person
  4. Night Safari Premium: Starting from Rp 1.4 million per person
  5. Rhino: Starting from Rp 1.75 million per person

Ticket prices for international visitors are as follows:

  1. Jungle Hopper: Starting from Rp 600,000 per person
  2. Night Safari: Starting from Rp 1.1 million per person
  3. Night Safari Premium: Starting from Rp 1.4 million per person
  4. Rhino: Starting from Rp 1.75 million per person

Exciting, isn’t it? If you happen to be vacationing in Gianyar, Bali, don’t forget to spare some time to visit this safari park. For those curious about what the safari park looks like, you can check out the video from the Desi Daily Chanel YouTube channel below:


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Original Video By : Desi Daily Chanel

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