Are you currently in Bali? We hope you’re enjoying your holiday in Indonesia. For those still in the Gianyar Regency area and seeking a remarkable place to stay, consider heading to Ubud. There, you’ll find a villa worth considering for your overnight stay before exploring more of Bali’s attractions.

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Emzy Ardiwinata takes us on a tour of his experience visiting Bali and staying at a villa called The Pari Sudha. As seen in the video, the road to the villa is quite congested due to Ubud and its surroundings being a popular destination for tourists. Traffic is a common occurrence, especially considering the narrow roads. If you’re traveling by car, your journey might take longer compared to a motorbike, which can maneuver through traffic more easily.

Ubud is not only famous for its tourist spots but also for its preserved natural beauty. Green trees and expansive rice fields create a refreshing and invigorating atmosphere. It’s no wonder Ubud is a recommended destination for those looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle, including newlyweds.

The location of The Pari Sudha Villa is close to the city center, making it convenient for visits to popular places like The Monkey Forest, Tegalalang, Puri Saren Agung, or the Traditional Ubud Art Market. To reach the villa, a motorbike is recommended as you’ll navigate small lanes to get there. If you opt for a car, you can still park in the front area as the access road is narrow and suitable only for motorbikes.

The villa stretches from the top to the bottom, adapting to the undulating terrain. If you choose a suite room, it will resemble the room selected by the video creator, offering a view of the forest at the back of the villa and a pool below your room. This exclusivity, with only 8 villa units of various types, makes it perfect for those seeking tranquility.

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In the suite room, you’ll find a double bed, spacious living area with chairs both inside and outside for relaxation, complimentary amenities such as mineral water, a coffee maker, air conditioning, and a fan. The room also features an air purifier, a mini-bar (cooler), a television facing the bed, hangers, a wardrobe, shoe storage, a mirror, and a hairdryer.

The bathroom is spacious, equipped with a shower, and provides branded shampoo and body wash for an elegant bathing experience.

The villa’s serene ambiance, surrounded by the sounds of crickets and the forest, offers a captivating experience. The Pari Sudha is rightly called a hidden gem for its secluded yet high-quality location, providing an affordable way to enjoy Bali’s tranquility.

The villa boasts three swimming pools: a public pool, a pool for villa occupants, and a private pool in the lower area. The lounge area, designed to be open and natural, provides a unique setting, accompanied by various reading materials for a relaxing time. The spa area, though not expansive, is comfortable, featuring two beds for spa treatments.

While enjoying the lounge or spa, the sound of flowing water from the nearby river and the lush surroundings create a peaceful atmosphere akin to a forest. The restaurant offers a pleasant view, with tables facing the public pool and the surrounding trees. With only eight tables, it complements the villa’s exclusivity.

Don’t forget to visit Pura Beji, hidden below the villa amidst the forest. The path to Pura Beji is steep, so ensure you are physically fit for the descent and ascent. Unfortunately, the video shows Pura Beji in a locked state, but you can still get a glimpse of the surroundings from above.

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That summarizes the atmosphere you can find at The Pari Sudha Villa. We hope this information helps you prepare for your Bali vacation