If you plan to visit the island of Bali to enjoy its beautiful beaches, don’t miss the chance to visit one of the beautiful beaches, Melasti Beach. Melasti Beach is located in the village of Ungasan, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali Province.

The location of Melasti Beach is also close to several other beaches, such as Pandawa Beach, Batu Pageh Beach, and Green Bowl Beach, which are also quite popular in Bali. However, Melasti Beach remains the prime choice.

This beach is situated behind a hill. In the past, before the construction of roads, people had to walk down stairs to reach the beach. Now, visiting Melasti Beach is much more convenient because the local government has built a road that cuts through the hills, making the access to Melasti Beach very comfortable.

If you are planning a vacation in Bali, Indonesia, do not miss this beach. To witness the beauty of Melasti Beach, let’s explore the journey from the entrance road cutting through the hills to strolling on the beach. This time, we will take a virtual tour guided by the YouTube channel Jooupdate, as seen in the video below:

At the 1:25-minute mark in the video is the entrance gate to Melasti Beach. The entrance fee here is very affordable, only IDR 8,000 (eight thousand rupiahs) for adults, and the motorcycle entrance fee is only IDR 2,000. This is truly a pocket-friendly healing place.

After passing through the entrance gate, you will travel along a road with beautiful cliff views before reaching the main destination, Melasti Beach.

At the 2:10-minute mark in the video, you are treated to a beautiful view of Bali dancer statues on the right side of the road. Many people also use this spot to take joyful photos.

As additional information, Melasti Beach now offers Kecak dance performances that you can enjoy when visiting. This is good news, as in the past, famous destinations for Kecak dances were Uluwatu, Tanah Lot, or Mendawa Beach. Now, you can enjoy Kecak dance right here at Melasti Beach.

Melasti Beach is relatively strategic for you to visit, as it is only about 18 kilometers from Ngurah Rai Airport. So, if you want to start sightseeing right after your flight to optimize your time, you can consider Melasti Beach as one of your destinations. The travel time to Melasti Beach is approximately 40 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport.

At the 3:30-minute mark in the video, you can see some tourists stopping on the right side of the road to take photos of Melasti Beach. From the bottom of the road, you can already see the enchanting Melasti Beach. The video was recorded by Jooupdate around 5:45 PM local time, showing the situation at Melasti Beach in the late afternoon.

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It’s worth noting that Melasti Beach has the highest number of Beach Clubs among Bali’s beaches, with approximately 5 Beach Clubs located on this beach. This video will capture the atmosphere around Melasti Beach from the afternoon until the evening.

At the 4:20-minute mark, there is an interesting spot often used by people for taking photos. This spot is one of the favorite locations for photos, especially for pre-wedding shoots, in the morning. This is because there are many small gardens around the road to Melasti Beach. You might want to take some photos in that area when you visit Melasti Beach.

At 4:45 minutes, you will see Angsoka Park on the left side of the road. This park decorates the roadside and is used by people for relaxation. If you have plenty of time and are not rushing to many tourist destinations, you might want to spend some time enjoying Angsoka Park.

At 5:40 minutes, on the left side of the road before the entrance gate to the beach, there are several Beach Clubs, including Minoo Beach Club and Tropical Temptation Beach Club, which are almost always crowded with tourists, especially foreign tourists.

At 6:35 minutes, you are seeing the entrance gate (gate) of Melasti Beach. This gate is one of the iconic features of Melasti Beach. In Bali, this gate is known as Kori Agung. There are 3 Kori Agung gates here. At 6:50 minutes, you will see all three Kori Agung gates from inside the beach. You can walk past the right and left sides of Kori Agung. Kori Agung is also one of the favorite spots for tourists to take photos.

In the beliefs of the Hindu community in Bali, Kori Agung has its deep meaning. It is not just a building in the form of a door. Kori Agung symbolizes a self-purification door. Whoever passes through this door (Kori Agung) is believed to be cleansed from thoughts, words, and deeds.

Next, at the 7:30-minute mark, is the parking area for motorcycles. If you come to Melasti Beach on a motorcycle, you can park it in that area. Even when you park your motorcycle there, you can already enjoy the beauty of Melasti Beach from that parking spot without leaving your motorcycle. However, of course, there is still much space to explore at Melasti Beach. So, park your motorcycle and start enjoying the surroundings of Melasti Beach.

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If you need information while at Melasti Beach, you can head to the information center. As you can see, the information center is clear in the video at the 8:20-minute mark. The location around here is also a parking area for visitors. Next to the Information Center is the small entrance to Melasti Beach.

At 8:50 minutes, you will see a body cleansing area for those who have finished playing on the beach. There are taps for washing your feet, and of course, there are toilets as well.

As you can see in the video, that is the atmosphere of Melasti Beach in the late afternoon to evening. The video was recorded at 6:15 PM local time. You can feel the soft white sand, the soothing sound of the waves, and, of course, the perfect spot to watch the sunset in the evening. Especially if you are on a honeymoon, this place is suitable for your travel list.

If you want to visit Melasti Beach, the recommended time is around 4:30 PM local time and later because during those times, the weather is not too hot. This allows you to better enjoy the beach atmosphere. As additional information, Melasti Beach is one of the many beaches in Bali with a good reputation for maintaining the cleanliness of the beach. Hopefully, this will continue to be maintained in the future.

Even though it is quite hot during the day, Melasti Beach is still crowded with tourists, especially foreign tourists. Local tourists (Indonesia) usually avoid the hot sun. However, for foreign tourists, they prefer going to the beach during the day. Especially for sunbathing by the beach during the sunny day is one of the favorite activities for foreign tourists.

At the 14:40-minute mark in the video, you will see White Rock Beach Club. This is one of the most visited beach clubs by tourists to Melasti Beach. As mentioned earlier, Melasti Beach itself has many Beach Clubs both inside and outside the area. Since the existence of these Beach Clubs, Melasti Beach can be considered a beach that is never empty for 24 hours. Because the atmosphere is always lively and vibrant.

As information, the term “Melasti” itself is a sacred ceremony for Hindu believers involving self-purification. This purification ritual is performed by Hindus in Bali to welcome Nyepi Day. Nyepi Day is a major religious holiday for Hindus, celebrated to welcome the Saka New Year. The Saka New Year marks the beginning of the new year used as a reference for the Hindu calendar. On Nyepi Day, Hindus will perform a self-purification ritual by remaining in silence without engaging in many activities. This moment is used by Hindus for contemplation in their homes.

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If you plan to visit Bali, make sure to check the schedule because on Nyepi Day, Bali will be closed to tourists. This is done by the local government to respect the religious ceremony of Hindus in Bali. If you happen to be in Bali during Nyepi Day, make sure that you also comply with the rules in place. This is to ensure that the religious ceremonies of the community in Bali can be conducted peacefully and well.

Okay, back to the video above, at the 25:45-minute mark, you are seeing the appearance of Palmila Beach Club. Can you imagine the atmosphere there? Just from the outside, Palmila Beach Club already looks very neatly arranged. If you are inside, you can enjoy the beachside atmosphere and the view of high cliffs around Melasti Beach. Surely, it will be a pleasant experience. The Jooupdate YouTube channel has previously discussed Palmila Beach Club. You can check out their video on that club on their YouTube channel.

As promised by the Jooupdate channel, this journey to Melasti Beach is to see the atmosphere from late afternoon to night. As you can see in the video at the 18:30-minute mark, that is the atmosphere of Melasti Beach at night. The video was taken at 5:15 PM local time.

At the 19:15-minute mark in the video, you see the entrance from Palmila Beach Club. That is how the atmosphere of Palmila Beach Club is at night. On that night, music sounds clearly from outside, including the music from White Rock Beach Club, as we saw in the previous video.

Right next to Palmila Beach Club, you will see White Rock Beach Club. This is the atmosphere of Palmila and White Rock Beach Clubs at night. If earlier we saw the beach club from inside the beach, this is the atmosphere outside (in the parking area). For now, White Rock Beach Club is a trendy beach club around Melasti Beach.

So, that is the atmosphere at Melasti Beach presented by the Jooupdate channel above. Now it’s time to go back, and we will go through the atmosphere of the road at night. I hope you can enjoy the journey in this video.

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