Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. In fact, for many foreign tourists, Bali is synonymous with Indonesia. When foreign tourists visit the island of Bali, they might think they have explored Indonesia as a whole. However, Bali represents only a small part of Indonesia’s vast territory. While Indonesia boasts numerous other tourist destinations, Bali stands out as the most recognized among foreign visitors.

For your information, Bali is a province among the 38 provinces in Indonesia. It has its provincial capital, Denpasar, and a total of 9 regencies/cities. Besides Denpasar, another well-known area among foreign tourists is Gianyar Regency.

Gianyar Regency, currently divided into 9 districts, includes the famous district of Ubud. Ubud is a favorite destination for foreign tourists, and if you are planning to visit Indonesia, particularly Bali-Ubud, it is not to be missed. A YouTube channel, @jooupdate, has summarized the current situation in Ubud in a video, providing an overview of why this place attracts tourists from around the world.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, global lockdowns had a significant impact on tourism in Bali, including popular areas like Ubud, which experienced a downturn. However, post-pandemic, Ubud has regained its vibrancy, indicating a swift recovery in Indonesia’s tourism, including Bali.

The video showcases the lively atmosphere on Jalan Raya Penestaan in Ubud, Bali, with foreign tourists filling the sidewalks. This bustling scene signifies that Ubud has returned to normalcy.

According to Jooupdate’s admin, the high tourist season in Ubud typically occurs in May, June, July, and August. The video in this article was taken in mid-November, considered one of the best times to enjoy Ubud as the crowds are more manageable.

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September, October, and November are recommended months for a visit, as the streets are less congested compared to the peak season. While Ubud remains busy during these months, traffic is more controlled, allowing for a more relaxed exploration of the area.

Foreign tourists, particularly from Australia, India, China, Singapore, South Korea, the United States, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and others, contribute to Bali’s annual influx of over 4 million visitors.

Ubud’s climate is hot from October to November, making it an ideal time for tourists who prefer beach destinations. Nevertheless, if you plan to explore Ubud city, these months offer a pleasant experience with less crowded streets, especially in the late afternoon.

Local authorities are actively making improvements, including restricting motor vehicle parking on road shoulders to create a more comfortable environment for both locals and tourists. While the use of a football field as a parking area is a positive step, there are still some challenges, such as the lack of protection from the elements during rain and excessive heat.

With these improvements, the local government aims to provide a better experience for both residents and visitors. The video illustrates tourists strolling through Ubud, enjoying various local products, restaurants, coffee shops, and art markets that make Ubud a popular destination.

One must-visit spot for foreign tourists in Ubud is the Ubud Art Market. The video shows many foreigners gathering to witness free traditional dance performances at Puri Saren Ubud, adding to the allure of Ubud.

In recent times, the local government has implemented regulations to improve traffic flow, particularly near Puri Saren. Despite the continuous influx of tourists, the area has become more comfortable to navigate.

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The video highlights several attractions, including places for dance performances, coffee shops, boutiques, and other spots that should not be missed. Jl. Gautama, close to the Ubud Art Market, is known for affordable accommodations provided by locals, making it a favorite among foreign tourists.

In summary, this provides a glimpse into the current conditions in Ubud. For a comprehensive view, you can watch the entire travel video around Ubud on the Jooupdate YouTube channel.

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