It might be true that Bandung is the city which has many options of shopping centers as well as shopping malls. Visiting the shopping malls is done a lot by people who do not want to leave the crowd of the city but it is not the only interesting thing which they can do in the city. In fact, people are also able to find other attraction in Bandung besides the shopping malls. People must not forget about Bandung Zoo which is located near to the crowd of Bandung.

The zoo was founded in1930s by Bandung Zoological Park (BZP). People will be able to find various kinds of recreational facilities in Bandung Zoo. Of course people can find the collection of animals in Bandung Zoo including the rare animal. Nevertheless, they will also find other facilities including flying fox arena, play ground, as well as the pool for boats. The front side becomes the place for elephants and birds. If they go in further, people will find the place for reptiles. Animal ride can be found not far from the reptile area.

There is no question that this place can be a great place for family holiday destination because the ticket price for accessing the zoo is very affordable.

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