There is no question that people cannot avoid the beauty of nature and it can be simple method of refreshment which they can use. They have to get involved with the modern building and environment for almost all the time so it must be great if they can enjoy the nature beauty such as Situ Cileunca which is located in Pengalengan, Bandung.

It is kind of artificial lake with 1,400 hectare large and up to 17 meters depth. Besides the water feature, people can enjoy the hills and mountains as the background of the lake. People can just enjoy the view of the lake and also it’s surrounding. Nevertheless, people will also be able to enjoy other activities such as trying the rafting activity in Palayangan River with several challenging parts. The area of Situ Cileunca was originally forest but in 1918, the area was made into artificial lake as the water source for people around this location.

Many visitors choose to visit this lake because they want to do camping activity. Camping ground area is provided by the operators for accommodating this purpose. Besides the lake itself, visitors will also be able to visit strawberry field as well as raspberry field for tasting fresh berry right from the field.