Bandung just like other cities of course will have the landmark. When people are talking about landmark, it should be something which can be reminded easily by anyone whether the people in Bandung or visitors. The most popular landmark in Bandung must be Gedung Sate. Gedung means building and sate means satay. It got its title because of the characteristic of the building wit satay ornament on the center tower of the building.

It is not only the fact that the building has unique ornament which can be recognized very easily anyone people in Bandung. Gedung Sate is interesting because of the historical aspect of the building. The building was built during the colonial era in 1920 and it is still standing strongly as the popular icon of Bandung. Nowadays, the building is used as the office for West Java government center. During the colonial era, the building is called Gouvernements Bedrijven.

This building involved several architects during the establishment process. About 2,000 workers were involved in the process as well. The experts of various kinds of craftsmanship were included in the list of workers who joined the process of building Gedung Sate. That is why people must not forget to visit and enjoy the colonial style beauty from Gedung Sate located at Diponegoro Road 22, Bandung.

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