Watching various kinds of flower with beautiful look and colors surely can be a great experience which people can enjoy. This can be the reason why many people love flowers a lot. For people who love flowers and they are visiting Bandung, they must not miss the opportunity for visiting Cihideung flower garden which can be the flower paradise for them. The flower garden is filled with the collections of flower from various species after all.

Watching the flowers and the nature beauty around this place is not the only thing which can be done because this place is also completed with special area for seeding and nursing the decorative plants. In Cihideung, people will find the front yard of the local houses filled with the flowers and decorative plants potted in the poly bags. There is no surprise about this because most people in Cihideung choose to be flower farmers for living. Most of them become the supplier of the decorative plants delivered to Indonesian market especially to Bandung and Jakarta.

Cihideung surely becomes the paradise for people who are hunting for the flowers as well as decorative plants. However, it does not mean that they always have to buy it because they can just visit for sightseeing.

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