Seniors Park sounds unique. People maybe will imagine about a park which is filled with the old or rotten things. However, it is wrong imagination at all because people will find a city park which comes with great view. There are many people who visit this place during holiday. The reason of the crowd in this park can be very simple. One reason of the crowd in this place is because it is located next to Gedung Sate, Bandung.

This park becomes the great refreshment place for urban people in Bandung. Nevertheless, it also becomes great attraction for people from other places who are in this town. The park is completed with several facilities including the stalls that are selling the local snacks. People are able to find the Yoghurt Cisangkuy stall in the park. There are also stalls that offer surabi, traditional food from West Java completed with various toppings and flavors. They can also find the ceramic and kitchen appliance sellers who sell the goods on the cars.

The park also has horse rental so visitors can ride the horse for exploring the park. This park is friendly to seniors for sure but it is not only for seniors because anyone including children can enjoy the park the most.

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