Bandung is the home of various unique vacation destinations. If you love spending your time in an air-conditioned building, there are plenty of malls available for you. But if you come to Bandung to enjoy some fresh air and have a thrilling and exciting experience, you should go to D’Ranch in Lembang. Lembang hosts so many tourist destinations but D’Ranch can simply be the most interesting.

Bandung is not exactly Texas, it’s not a home for cowboys and cowgirls. But this is what makes D’Ranch stands out. If you come here, you will feel a genuine Wild Wild West atmosphere where you can ride a horse and even learn how to take care of a horse.

When you come to this place, you will be given a cowboy outfit so you can engage into the countryside atmosphere. And the most exciting thing is, there are myriad of activities that you can do in this place. Of course you can ride a horse. You will be accompanied by an experienced instructor so you will be safe. If you just want to enjoy the view, you can sit and relax in a horse carriage and let the driver takes you around. You only need to pay approximately Rp 30.000 per attraction and you can have fun playing your role as a cowboy.

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