Tahura Juanda which is also well known as Dago Pakar is a nature tourism destination in Bandung which people should visit. It is only about seven kilometers from Bandung city center through Ir. H. Djuanda road or Dago road. This place can offer the refreshment from nature which can be reached pretty quickly from the city center of Bandung.

Entering the gate of Tahura Juanda, visitors will find the pine trees which offer not only the natural view in this place but also the fresh air. People can make sure that they will be able to enjoy the natural refreshment in the place since the park becomes the habitat for various kinds of tree including pines and bamboos. The peak crowd of this place can be found during the holiday or weekend. The ticket for accessing Dago Pakar or Tahura Juanda is not expensive at all. With only 8,000 rupiahs, visitor can access the park.

With this price, visitors are able to enjoy be beautiful natural scenery. Of course they must not forget about the plants and animals in this place. The park is getting more interesting because it also has Ir. H. Juanda monument and historical caves. There is also dam as well as two waterfalls within the park.