Holiday must be utilized properly by providing the best experience for the family especially for the children. It can be holiday from the school but it does not mean that the children can stop learning. Of course there will be so many methods of learning which can be fun activity during holiday. Visiting Bandung can be a great idea but if people are looking for the destination which gives fun learning activity, Spirit Camp can be a great choice.

Spirit Camp is located at Padepokan Karang Tumaritis in Lembang, Bandung. Visitors will find the inn which is pretty affordable for group completed with the new program of Spirit Camp. The new program includes value, leadership, nationality, environment, future learning, and many more. At this place, the children can try various kinds of outdoor activity which are not done pretty often in their daily activity. Instead of playing with the gadgets, the children can enjoy various activities in the play ground including swings and the bamboo bridge.

There are also other attractions in the area including mini zoo which can be entered without separated ticket. Besides watching the animal, visitors can also see the plants including strawberry and even hydroponic plants. Visitors can also purchase fruits, vegetables, and eggs.

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